Bring More to Customers

Each day, millions of customers around the world engage and interact with an A.S. Watson retail brand. Regardless of their culture and background, they all expect the same thing – best-of-class service and top quality products that add value to their lives.

This expectation is taken seriously at A.S. Watson. With the vision to become the world’s leading international health and beauty retailer, we have undertaken a commitment to serve and enrich our customers’ lives and exceeding their expectations in everything we do. From store location selection, store environment and ambience to product assortments and services, we constantly anticipate the changing needs of our diverse customers and find ways to better meet them.

We strive to win the hearts and minds of our customers, and we do so by having each of our market teams getting closer to our customers, listening to their needs through proper communications and feedback channels, as well as regular customer research. We also strive to tailor-make offers to every individual customer through our loyalty programmes. Meanwhile, with the rapid development in new media and technology nowadays, many of our businesses have already built customer relationships through social networking in order to stay tuned with our customers.

Over the years, many of our Own Brand products have grown into the preferred choice of our consumers. Annually, over 560 million product items are purchased from us around the world. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to enhancing and inspiring our customers’ lives by creating a better platform for them to experience great value, convenience, quality and innovation.